Aerial View of a Drone

Geodronz specializes in fusing the latest drone technologies within traditional GIS/Geospatial environments. This fusion process allows us to rapidly provide our customers with the most up to date aerial snapshots for their areas of interest through easy to use, browser based mapping products and stand alone mobile based applications. We call this our RapidSkypiX Process.

We provide our products to both the private and public sectors from our base in Florida and to all of the US, Canada and beyond.  The RapidSkypiX process was developed for use with golf courses but can be easily extended to the following industries:

  • Emergency Management

  • Natural disaster damage assessment

  • Homeowners Associations

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Construction/Civil Engineering

  • Land Management

  • Agriculture

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance/Property Appraisers


The Geodronz RapidSkypiX Process is at the core of our Geodronz product offerings. We have access to a national and international network of licensed and insured drone pilots that can rapidly collect the needed aerial imagery for a specific area of interest. This data is then immediately processed into RapidSkypix, which are aerial photographs that have been geometrically corrected to allow for accurate measuring of distances and areas within a map environment.

The RapidSkypix are then fused into our Geodronz Basic Viewer which can be delivered in days - not the traditional weeks, months or even years it can take to historically procure and deliver aerial imagery. These images provide an up to date, high resolution, birds eye view of a property and can be flown on a yearly, quarterly, monthly or as needed basis.

Geodronz RapidSkypiX Process


Geodronz Basic Viewer - Product Details

The Geodronz Basic Viewer is our entry level product and provides the ability to quickly and accurately assess the current status of an entire property, measure distances and areas, efficiently compare imagery from different times of year and make decisions based on the most timely data available.

  • Uses Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL) technology to deliver RapidSkypiX

  • One (1) RapidSkypic included with purchase

  • Delivered to end users via web link

  • Additional SkypiX can be flown and added for additional charge

  • Teletraining/support provided 

  • Contact for pricing


WebMap Advanced - Product Details

The Geodronz WebMap Advanced is the next step in getting the most out of our SkypiX technology. This product builds on the Geodronz WebMap Basic and additionally offers the ability to display SkypiX and any other GIS layers along with a suite of useful tools that allow you to take full advantage of GIS visualization and analysis technologies.

  • Uses Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL) technology to display SkypiX

  • One (1) Skypic included with purchase

  • Displays customer provided GIS layers (pipelines, sprinkler heads, etc.)

  • Provides user defined tools to interact with SkypiX and other layers including mark up, measuring, map printing, creation of new features and a swipe tool to compare multiple SkypiX to see property changes over time plus many more

  • Delivered to end users via web link and allows mobile viewing via Explorer for ArcGIS

  • Data can be viewed /analyzed/edited in the office and viewed/analyzed in the field

  • Additional SkypiX can be processed and added for additional charge

  • Teletraining/support provided 

  • Maintenance = yearly fee includes one (1) Skypic and modifications to WebMap Advanced layers/tools

  • Contact for pricing


Other Products


Based on customer needs, other SkypiX products can be developed including:

  • Dashboards

  • Story Maps

  • Experiences

  • More..

Other Services

Geodronz also offers other standard drone services and products including:

  • Aerial imagery, 3D models, elevation data, point clouds

  • GIS integration

  • Geoanalytics

  • Cartographic products

  • Web Mapping

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • More..


All Geodronz products can be purchased separately or in bundles.

Please contact us for more information and pricing options.