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Manage Your Land Like Never Before

Geodronz’s SkypiX Landfill Package is our premier product tailored for the needs of landfill operations. Built of off our Rapid SkypiX, which is high-resolution imagery embedded with gps, elevation and other data, to create a robust package. We provide high resolution imagery, digital elevation models (DEMs), point cloud data, and contours of your land.  While this product is not survey quality, in most cases it does offer enough accuracy to provide the  information you need to manage your landfill at a much lower cost.

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View Current, High Resolution Aerial Imagery of Your Land


Landfill SkypiX Packages uses cutting edge technology to create high resolution imagery embedded with geographic information.


Landfill SkypiX Packages allow users to view and interact with digital imagery of their properties through easy to use image downloads and applications. 


SkypiX Packages helps you to better manage your property by giving you an array of products to analyze current and historic conditions of your land in 2D and 3D formats.

Landfill SkypiX Package Products


SkypiX Ortho Photo


Elevation Models


Elevation Contours

SkypiX Ortho Photo

SkypiX show high resolution, detailed imagery of your land.  SkypiX give you a current, up to date birds eye view of your land. Our drones capture hundreds of photos which we stitch together into one seamless image with all the detail of the individual frames. This is the base of the products included in the Landfills SkypiX Package.


3D Data Models and Point Clouds

With detailed elevation data embedded into each frame, 3D models and point clouds can be generated for a detailed virtual look at ground conditions. Using this data in GIS products can yield measurements and volumetrics of areas of interest on the ground.

Using detailed elevation data, contour lines are drawn with specific elevation intervals. With this data you can calculate and analyze slope and topography of your property. Contour lines provide a 3D visual of elevation data in a 2D format.


Contour Elevation Lines

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