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Geodronz believes in building close relationships with local community organizations.  Whether it be private businesses, public institutions or individuals, we strive to connect on a personal level and contribute to the advancement of science with a focus on using "Drones For Good".  

The following list includes organizations that we have established past or current relationships with:

swamp apes is a non-profit organization that supports veterans rehabilitation through pytho hunting in the florida everglades
The Swamp Apes was created in 2008 to help veterans transition from their service to civilian life by engaging in adventurous projects such as python removal.  Geodronz has collaborated with The Swamp Apes on multiple occasions in the Florida Everglades to explore the use of drones in assisting their Burmese Python hunting expeditions.   
swamp apes veteran learning to fly a drone for python hunting in the florida everglades
dji phantom 4 drone being flown by a veteran to hunt pythons in the florida everglades
swamp apes owner tommy rahill after hunting and capturing a burmese python in the florida everglades
Other collaborations include local counties and educational institutions:
seminole county florida
palm beach county florida
palm beach state college
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