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Aerial View of a Drone

Fusing Drone and
Geospatial Technology 

Let Drone and GIS Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Geodronz specializes in fusing the latest drone technologies within traditional GIS/Geospatial mapping environments. This integration allows us to quickly provide our customers with the most up to date aerial images, what we call RapidSkypiX, for their areas of interest through affordable, easy to use, cloud based mapping products and stand alone mobile based applications.  

Drone Imagery Experts and Pilots

Our team of experts can provide high quality images and other drone derived products ready for use.

Geospatial Science Integration

Geodronz specializes in fusing Geospatial Sciences with Drone Technology to enhance your data.

Versatility in Application

Our products are modular tools designed to be customized for a wide range of industry use.

Communication and Collaboration

Use up to date imagery, charts, reports and more to analyze your business or land operations and share them with customers and stakeholders. 

Business Management Tools

Our products give you the tools to run your business or land operations efficiently and effectively using imagery and science.


Suitability for any Industry.
Adaptability for any Project.

We provide our products to both the private and public sectors from our base in Florida to all 50 states, Canada and beyond.  Our  Products were developed for use within the golf course management industry, but can easily be extended to other major industries including:​

  • HOA/Property Management

  • Land Management

  • Emergency Management

  • Natural disaster damage assessment

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Construction/Civil Engineering

  • Agriculture

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance/Property Appraisers

  • More..

Rapid SkypiX

High Resolution Imagery of your Area of Interest gathered with Drones and integrated with Geospatial Data for your use.


Geo-Enabled Management Systems (GEMS) combines multiple applications to create a one-stop-shop for Land Management Operations.  

Coming Soon... SkypiX Analyzer

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Analyze your SkypiX with cutting edge 3D and spatial analysis tools.

Products and Services

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